Skipping Lessons And Modules

If you would like to know what lessons to skip, check these frequently asked questions. If we didn’t answer your concern, get in touch with us by clicking on the blue help bubble in the bottom right corner.

Can I skip lessons and modules?

Sure. You don’t need to take all lessons in the same way they are presented. Feel free to “jump” around and find studies that are easy to follow or lessons you want to take right now.
You are the boss of your GED prep; if you want to skip lessons and quizzes, go for it.

How do I know what lessons to skip?

Sometimes students feel they know the topic and don’t want to waste their time learning stuff they are not interested in learning. Here is how you can quickly identify the modules to skip. Go to the Practice Tests modules included at the end of each subject course and take 1 or 2 tests.

In the end, you will receive the Strong and Weak areas report, which will list a percentage of correctly answered questions.

Areas are related to modules. If you get a minimum of 65% on each a specific topic, you might want to skip it. You can also request a pretest version of Onsego prep. More about it later.

Keep in mind that all lessons are designed to prepare you for answering reading comprehension questions. To learn how it works, check the following answer.

Does skipping lessons influence my GED scores?

It depends. The GED test doesn’t check your knowledge of facts. Instead, it mainly checks your reading comprehension skills.

The easiest way to improve reading comprehension is to have general background information about the topics.

That’s why our lessons give you easy-to-comprehend, essential information. Please check this short video to understand better how to improve your reading comprehension skills.

Video transcript

You probably heard that the GED test measures your reading comprehension skills, especially during the Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science tests.

I'd like to skip modules. Can I get pretests?

Yes, you can also request a GED prep version with protests; then, each module will contain a pretest, and if you answer 90% of all questions correctly, our system will mark the module as completed. This version is on request only because many students get demotivated if they don’t pass the pretest. To request this version click the blue button.

Why are practice tests different than quizzes?

Short quizzes under the lessons gradually teach you techniques for answering reading comprehension questions, such as text-dependent questions or interpreting data. On the other hand, practice tests are more complex and check your fluency in reading comprehension skills.