Strong & Weak Areas Reports

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Thank you for getting here. The next module includes two full-length and ten half-length practice tests.

While the tests resemble the structure of the actual GED test, they also have explanations, so you know how to approach the GED test problems and solve them.

Similar to the GED test, these practice tests check your critical thinking and problem-solving skills. They are based on the knowledge you acquired in the previous lessons, but they also rely on your comprehension skills.

At the end of the test, you will see a “Strong and Weak Areas” report.

This report is based on your answers and indicates what areas you should focus on if you want to boost your score.

Areas are associated with modules, so if, for example, your score in Equations is less than 40%, it means that it’s one of your weak points at this moment.

Why does it matter?

Peter Drucker, a famous management guru, said, “What gets measured gets improved.” Therefore, knowing your weak points gives you a chance to improve your score.

Here is how to do it. Write down these weak areas, and then click on the View Question button under the report to see your answers and all explanations.

You will see some questions marked red and others marked green. Now, check which questions are marked red. These are incorrectly answered questions. Click on every red square, and you will be redirected to this particular question. Read the explanation. Does it make sense? Do you understand your mistake?

If yes, go ahead and take the next practice test by pressing the “Click here to continue” button. Keep answering the questions until you complete the practice test. You will be presented with another “Strong and Weak Areas” report.

Check if your weak areas from the previous report improved.  Did you get a higher score? If yes. Keep going until your score for every area is at least 85%.
If not, please return to the course and repeat the lessons associated with the weak area mentioned in the report.