Click on any of the tabs below to get more details on how to manage your account.

Access to Onsego courses
Every student added to your group has access to the Onsego course included in your purchase.

Group leaders also have access to Onsego courses; they can access courses by clicking on the “Courses” menu items.

Adding Users

You can easily add students from the subscription page of your account. To do so, click on the “Sub Accounts” link that looks like this:

Clicking on that link will reveal the Sub Account information for that subscription like so:

If you are adding new students, make sure that the “Send NEW members welcome email” option is checked.

Important note: Sometimes, these automated emails sent by the system land in spam, and a person who should receive your invitation doesn’t get our email.

So, here is a thing to remember, as soon as you add students to your sub-account, they can log in immediately, even if they don’t receive an email from us. They can just go to the login page and click on “forgot password,” and our system will send them a password reset link.

You can also send them a message from your own email account. You can use the exact text our system sends.

Example of the email:

I have created an Onsego GED Prep account for you.

To get started, go to and click on the “forgot password” link. Onsego will send you an email with the link for setting up a new password.

If you have any questions, get in touch with the Onsego team.

Removing Users 

To remove users from your Account, click on the “Remove” link.

Activity and Reports

To check the activity of your students, use the filtering widget to choose a course and a student to get the details about your students’ activities.

This widget also displays real-time activity on your courses. Supported activities include course completion, lesson and topic completion, and quiz completion. Associated data, such as timestamps, scores, and steps, will be displayed when applicable.

To find your students click on the small arrow (indicated on the image below), and then click on the name of a student.

You can also export course and quiz reports via the buttons at the top of the widget. These reports will include the filtered data only.

Grade Book

The grade book will automatically pull in grades from your students’ quizzes and assign one of the three grades: Unlikely to pass, Not Sure, or Likely to pass.
Grade book allows you to search through student names for information on grade averages, export grades to CSV, and provides quick links to view each user’s individual grades.

Expired Accounts

When your group account license expires, all your users have no access to Onsego courses anymore, and their status changes to inactive. Inactive accounts are removed from the Onsego database 45 days after expiration.